He says, You don’t mind me saying these things, do you? She says, No, I don’t. Is this a very, kind of, private thing for you to talk about? He says, No, it doesn’t bother me at all and I’ll tell you why, it’s because, because you’re trusting. But I detest the way society is. So hypocritical about sex. The sexual and sensual. It’s all right for the upper classes, you know, for the rich and for the bloody celebrities, to talk as they do. But with me, with- it makes things incredibly complicated. Complex and difficult. I don’t stand a chance. And it really really frustrates me, that is what used to really ignite anger with me, more anger. Because they could talk about sensuality, and art, and the beauty of things that way, and if I had- I had a lot I needed to say. But because I was open, and sincere and honest about it, I was, I’m just a pervert. I’m not.