She asks, Did you have a good association with women back then? He answers, I mean, I couldn’t relate in an ordinary way, you know, because the sexual- the sensual- always interrupted every bloody aspect of my life. The frustration level was just beyond all imagination. Even watching the telly and anything like that. She asks, Do you still get frustrated? He says, Not that way, not in that way, not now. I’ve got this, look. He points to the object. He says, I set something up, so I can hear that water sound and… get the right picture, you know? The right shape. It’s all to do with shape and scent. It needs to be much warmer, see… I like to warm it with my hands. The shape of it, it’s human, you know, in a way. She says, Yes, I can see that actually, now you’ve said it. He points to the object and says, This one is rare. A collector’s piece. She says, Really? He says, Oh, god yes. I really love polishing it up. To get it as smooth as I can. To really get it very very smooth and see it from certain angles. In different types of light. Sexy! Sculptural. They pause. The sound bock bock bocks and he says, Listen. There, it’s lovely that! That’s a sexy sound. I made that sound.